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About Rick Wallace

Rick Wallace - Malibu Real Estate Expert for Over 27 Years

Rick Wallace has been a Malibu Realtor for 30 years, currently with Coldwell Banker which merged with his original broker, Fred Sands Realtors, in 2001.

He is the most recognized real estate agent in Malibu, and well-known for his real estate articles published for the past 25 years articles for Malibu Times and Surfside News. Media, appraisers, attorneys, other real estate agents and professionals throughout the real estate industry call on him regularly for advice, statistics and consultation. Rick Wallace was the President of the Malibu Association of REALTORS in 2016 and has been a Director on the Malibu Association of Realtors Board of Directors from 2012 through 2017.

Rick moved to Malibu in 1975 to attend Pepperdine University. He graduated with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration in 1979. Since college, he describes having lived six more Malibu lives.

  • then, Seaside restaurant waiter and USA/world traveler
  • then, Certified Financial Planner
  • then, Real estate agent
  • then, Family man with a wife and daughter
  • then, Single parent with many Malibu real estate holdings
  • Currently in empty nest/pre-retirement mode - working hard, travelling some and enjoying his own Malibu home.
  • Ran and finished ALL 33 Los Angeles Marathons since 1986 - now a 33 YEAR Legacy Runner - (as well as the SD, SF, LV Marathons and several other triathlons and endurance runs, all in 2006... and Catalina and Big Sur Marathons in 2009).
  • Been an avid sports fan and attended 13 NBA Finals, 4 World Series, a Super Bowl, Stanley Cup Final, 1994 World Cup Final, 1984 LA Olympics, 2 MLB and 1 NBA All-Star games, and 6 NCAA Final Fours. Played organized mens softball as a leftfielder for 30 years, still a skilled player in A-level competition in his 50s. Starred in Little League and Babe Ruth baseball as a child.
  • Learned to fly private planes and currently an avid certified paraglider.
  • Broken a Guinness Book World Record (for longest letter written, record never published) as a teenager.
  • Stood aside the Pope and the Queen of England.
  • Kept a daily journal since 1972; over 10 million words written.
  • Worked his way through college as a waiter and served scores of top celebrities.
  • Attended musical concerts of over 100 top acts, and seen every movie that won an Academy Award or Golden Globe for Best Picture and virtually every movie that has earned notable distinction.
  • Been a Lakers season ticket holder since 1986.
  • Was a major fraternity president (Sigma Phi Epsilon) at Pepperdine.
  • Has lived in Hawaii, and 20 years of his life on Malibu beaches.
  • Currently the PA announcer for the Malibu HS Sharks varsity football games.

Rick Wallace - Malibu Real Estate Expert for Over 27 Years

He counts among his friends dozens of more than 30 years. He has a daughter, Jalina, born in 1994, who attended Malibu schools and recently graduated from UCSB.

In 2004, Rick closed one of Malibu's largest residential transactions ever that involved only one agent. The escrow lasted 1 year and was re-negotiated 10 times, with Rick at the center of numerous attorneys and advisors on both sides. His knowledge of Malibu market trends and statistics is unsurpassed, as well as his rich knowledge of Malibu history which he displays in popular commentaries in The Malibu Times called "Along The PCH". He is considered to be a keen and savvy negotiator and has won awards for being a Top Producer for most of his years in real estate sales.

Rick has been intimately involved in the Malibu community throughout his 43 years in town, and personally knows 1/5 of Malibu's homeowners. He has walked all 30 miles of Malibu coastline and hiked or visited virtually every square mile of Malibu's extensive hills and canyons. He has been involved at various times with the Malibu Chamber of Commerce, Malibu Optimists Club, Malibu Little League, Malibu Republican Club, Pepperdine Alumni, and Malibu Association of Realtors, as well as externally a past-president of the national Semester at Sea Alumni Association, and a member of the Los Angeles World Affairs Council and Reagan Library.

Rick was born in San Diego on May 12, 1957 and grew up as a child in Woodland Hills. He attended Simi Valley High School.